Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Joachim Wrong, Stefan Kiessling deserves Germany return!

Bayer Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling has vowed not to play under current Germany boss, Joachim Low. The forward was the top scorer in the Bundesliga last season but has not featured for Die Manschaft since 2010.

Speaking to Bild, he said, '' Iv said before I'm done with this topic. Ill repeat: I am not going to play under Joachim Low. After every goal, the question returns and they are getting on my nerves.

Its hard not to understand the striker's irritation. As an avid watcher of the Bundesliga, Kiessling is one of the most complete strikers in the league. Scoring 27 goals last season, he was Leverkusen's main propeller for a top four finish and was consistent throughout. Low currently relies on Miroslav Klose and Mario Gomez. While Klose has done reasonably well for Lazio, scoring 16 times last season, Mario Gomez had a nightmare stint with Bayern Munich, forcing a move to Fiorentina. He lost his place to Mario Mandzukic and was injured for quite some time. Low needs to use one more striker in the German setup and Kiessling offers the best option.

With a consistent amount of goals every season, 53 since his last match for Germany, its hard to imagine why the former Stuttgart manager keeps ignoring the prolific striker. Kiessling has made only six apperances for Germany, scoring none but with his current form, he should make the starting XI easily.
The World cup is around the corner and Germany are tipped as hot favorites. Low needs all hand on deck to lift the trophy and in this case he badly needs the legs of one man: Stefan Kiessling.

Sportunes from time to time will be bringing you news regarding the World Cup in Brazil as the showpiece event draws nearer.


  1. Whilst it ultimately remains Löw's prerogative to chose who he wants for his team, Kiessling did himself no favours by refusing to make himself available for the US tour (and choosing instead to go on holiday). He justifiably felt aggrieved at not having been chosen during the 2012/13 season, and, with personnel missing, it would have been very difficult for Löw not to have chosen him. Had he been chosen it would have been the perfect opportunity to prove Löw wrong, had he not been chosen Löw would rightfully have got criticism.
    Instead Kiessling has given the impression that he is not particularly bothered about playing for his country, something which it has been shown over the years counts a lot with Löw (and rightfully so, who wants a player on a team that doesn't particularly want to be there), His recent behaviour more befits a spoilt child who says he doesn't want to go to a birthday party than a professional sportsman and Kiessling has now lost, in my opinion, particularly with the introduction of such young talent as Max Kruse, any right he or his supporters have to complain.
    You may disagree with Löw's team selections, that's what makes football the interesting game it is. But no coach owes anyone an apology for not selecting them. It's their job to make such decisions, whether it is sport at the highest level or in the local school.

  2. Well Kiesling shud go and eat grass.. 1 good season doesnt make a footballer. hiss*

  3. derz an egoistical problem betwn both parties