Saturday, 21 September 2013

Usain Bolt crashes wedding, ends up starring in bride and groom’s photos

The fastest man on earth found himself the unlikely guest of honour at the wedding of two unknown Japanese people in the centre of Paris.

Usain Bolt wrote on Twitter that he was out for a walk in the French capital when he ran into the happy couple and ended up gatecrashing their holy matrimony.

Needless to say, they - or perhaps their photographer, or the best man - immediately spotted the chance of getting one of the three most famous athletes on planet earth into the album of their big day.

Bolt posed for pictures, though it must be said that his rather uncharacteristically dour expression is a far cry from his normal flamboyant expressions any time there's a camera in sight.

The sprinter shared the moment with the world via Twitter, saying, "Only in Paris you walking in the square and the bride and groom leave the proceedings to to do this…"

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