Friday, 4 October 2013

Former Manchester City star saves man’s life

Bulgaria striker Valeri Bojinov has become a hero in his homeland, but not for any antics on the pitch.

Bojinov, 27, is currently without a club but has played for Manchester City, Juventus, Fiorentina, Parma and Sporting Lisbon.

He was back in his native Bulgaria, shopping with his family at the Vitosha Park mall in Sofia, when a man appeared to suffer a fit.

Bojinov performed first aid on the man, who was reportedly choking on his own tongue, stabilising him until medics arrived.

"The man was on the ground and was no longer breathing," eyewitness Krum Savov, who happens to be a sports journalist, said.

"His eyes rolled back and then suddenly Valeri ran to the scene and turned him on his side.

"The poor man was suffocating and Valeri tried to pull out his tongue – he was bitten more than once

"I was nearby and saw Bojinov with a damaged finger. Another woman arrived on the scene and helped him to pull the victim's head back.

"Only then they managed to pull the man's tongue out and stabilise him. He gradually began to regain consciousness."

An ambulance arrived half an hour later.

"Well, apparently I do good things from time to time," Bojinov was reported to have said afterwards.

The forward is currently looking for a club having left Sporting in the summer following three loan spells back in Italy, where he started his career.


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