Friday, 4 October 2013


Thank God Its Friday!! Ordinarily all workers should call it a week, but that's not so for most of our professional athletes as this is actually the beginning of their week. All through weekends they are found running up and down the length of fields, Swinging golf balls, Dunking those baskets, going on some tennis rallies, Driving all over the race circuits.... After the final whistle blows, they go to the Bank to cash their cheques and they start doing things ordinary men dont do.

From week to week Sportunes will be bringing you the 'Jaye Jaye' of our Sport.

Samuel Eto Fils

Samuel Eto'o is one of the few footballers in Africa that needs no introduction, He's the most decorated African footballer of all time, up until this summer he was the highest paid footballer that ever lived, upon signing for Chelsea he took a pay cut of about 10 million pounds.. that is the highest figure in the history of football. Here's how he spends his millions;


  1. Eto Baba Loke loke!!!

  2. Omo 10 mil pounds just like dat!! Owo to nyeye bukata (money that puts poverty to shame!)

  3. btw he's not the most decorated African player, Wen Okocha is not dead

  4. Omo Baba Olowo humble ni