Friday, 25 October 2013


Champion: Posing with the award for Laureus World Sportsman of the Year 2013

Thank God Its Friday!! Ordinarily all workers should call it a week, but that's not so for most of our professional athletes as this is actually the beginning of their week. All through weekends they are found running up and down the length of fields, Swinging golf balls, Dunking those baskets, going on some tennis rallies, Driving all over the race circuits.... After the final whistle blows, they go to the Bank to cash their cheques and they start doing things ordinary men dont do.

From week to week Sportunes will be bringing you the 'Jaiye Jaiye' of our Sport.

Usain St. Leo  Bolt

Usain Bolt Endorsement earnings

Usain Bolt is one of the few athletes in the world of sport that absolutely needs no introduction, He's the fastest man that ever graced this planet and his sprint times may never be matched.

The Jamaican athlete's event appearance fees starts from $200K and can reach $350K for a big meetup. last year alone, Usain Bolt made more than $24 million, and that's 98% of his earnings which came from his off the field activities. He has signed some of the most lucrative sponsorship deals with some major brands around the world : Samsung, Puma, Comcast, Virgin, Media, Nissan Motor, Hubolt watch, Gatorade, Visa.

Few months ago, when Sports pro magazine listed the 50 most marketable athletes in the world, guess who was number 5? (HERE) Well here's how the Jamo guy spends his millions..

Nissan GT-R Owner Usain Bolt World's Fastest Man: "MR BOLT" GT-R

Usain Bolt Car Collection

Usain Bolt Ferrari F430

Usain Bolt Ferrari 458

Usain Bolt's Newest Gold Is a 2014 Nissan GT-R

Usain Bolt Nissan GT-R


Stretching himself: He did a couple of laps of the track, a bit further than he normally runs

Usain bolt crashes into an unidentified flower girl after crossing the finish line with the year's second quickest 100m sprint - he also holds first and third place

Multi-talented: Usain Bolt at the after party in Oslo giving it a go as a DJ

Usain Bolt


  1. Maseratti, Derrari! Omo Jaye jaye!!!

  2. Niccur has paid his dues mhen.. he deserves to ball

  3. Bolt and Jigga!!! Real recognizes Real