Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bad boy Wilfried Zaha caught smoking next to a pretty girl at a house party

 Manchester Uniteds Wilfried Zaha pictured smoking next to a pretty girl at a house party

Wilfried Zaha is a die hard player, if they wont let him ball on the pitch, he will definitely ball off pitch. Last we heard, the England international was rumored to have been hooked with David Moyes's daughter (HERE) which ultimately led to him being frustrated out of Manchester United's first team by the frustrated manager.

It seems the Ivorian born has moved on to greater things as he was pictured next to a pretty girl in a blue dress, in a house party that had champagnes raining. Zaha could now count himself entirely out of Moyes's plans after he was also snapped exhaling a large puff of smoke in the new set of photos which have hit the world wide web.


  1. We just wanna party patron straight up....shout out zaha dts my brother my round

  2. This guy needs to calm the f down and build his career, instead of trying to destroy it

  3. omo! from grace to grass, he for kukuma dey with Moyes daughter

  4. po po po pop champagneeeeeeee.. is dat ace of spades?