Saturday, 9 November 2013

Charlie Adam still in Shock of his father's death

Happy times: Charlie Adam and father, left, enjoy his wedding

December 17 2012, Stoke City midfielder Charlie Adam Jnr picked up an unwanted phone call which shattered his world. The voice on the end of the phone informed him that his father, Charlie Adam Sr, had been found hanged at his home in Dundee just eight months after celebrating his 50th birthday.

Fast forward eleven months, The Scot footballer is still heartbroken and tragedy still oozes on him. ‘I can remember it very clearly, as if it happened yesterday,’ he recalled.

‘I can remember where I was at the time and everything. It was a call you’d never expect you were going to get, but I got it.’

‘At some point, one day, I’ll sit back and completely realise what has happened. It’s been the most terrible loss and I’m still feeling the pain of it,’ Adam added.

‘For anybody that has been through it, they’ll probably understand it but, if you’ve never been through it, it’s the hardest 12 months. I’m still finding it difficult now.’

‘In time it will heal and, hopefully, one day life will get better,’ he said.

‘It’s still very, very difficult. When you have an influence like that in your life and then just to lose them in that one phone call is never, ever going to go away. I just hope one day it will heal and I’ll realise what the reason was.’

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