Saturday, 9 November 2013

Revealed: The touching meaning behind Oscar's tattoo

Seeing footballers arms covered in tattoos is hardly a rare sight and many have become famous for all the wrong reasons - *lips sealed*

But for Chelsea star Oscar, a tattoo represented a means of remembering someone very dear to him, as he revealed in an interview with The Times.

The Brazilian playmaker has regularly been seen kissing his arm or pointing to the skies after scoring a goal or celebrating a victory and now the reason is more clear.

"It is the words to that song, but in Portuguese," he told the newspaper. "Every Breath You Take. It is for my father."

Just like Charlie Adam that we reported about earlier on (HERE) , Oscar is also fatherless, he was only three-years-old when his father, Oscar dos Santos Sr, was tragically killed in a car crash.

But unlike the Stoke City midfielder, the diminutive Brazilian has built an adaptive mechanism to combat the pain he's been feeling for close to two decades. His subtle tattoo serves as a reminder to him of his hero he never really knew, but who remains his inspiration.

"Every player wants to have their dad around them," Oscar added in the interview with the newspaper.

"You want to know your dad is watching your games, following your progress, even if it’s from afar.

"Football is something you share with your father, and that is something I do not have. I see other players who can do that with their dads and it still affects me, every day."

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