Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fans of Lebron James and Fans of Kobe Bryant clash on Instagram

Lebron James just posted a photo on his instagram page that shows beautiful Phillipinos who will against all odds play the game of basketball to console themselves of the harsh misfortune that has befallen their country in recent weeks.

Lebron captioned the photo: "One of the best photos taken in a long time! Even through devastation in the Philippines#BasketballNeverStop #StriveForGreatness"

Apparently, the timing of his post was pretty late as compatriot Kobe Bryant had also posted the picture on his own instagram page about 5hrs before. Kobe's caption was different though: "Find Peace thru Sports. #Love".

Fans of Kobe were however angered by Lebron's failure to acknowledge the Lakers star for the photo credit, which made them haul insults at him but #TeamJames stood up for their king as they sparked an outrage on instagram.

 Below are some of #TeamKobe's messages to Lebron;

velgin: Nigga you copied kobe photo

ladrian94: Kobe posted something

diiiiiiiiiiiiiime: Give credit where it's due!! @kobebryant posted this 6hrs ago

lakerfanroy24: stole from Kobe's post

meer36: hop off kobes top nigga already posted this

rayantats: kobe posted this first!!

gregabalos11: @Slimafool513 these dude stole Kobe's post what a fag

paneque: You took this from Kobe punk

samborota: Where re the credits. Kobe? Ole

lontajo: Always tryna be like kobe... 

#TeamLebron standing up for their king;

gilly870: @younggoonbbslife kobe doesnt own the pic jackass. He copied it too

ddcmurillo: It's not from Kobe anyway, it's from the Philippines.

beeplasztan_I believe that Kobe doesnt own rights to the photo. Basketball should be shared by all. @kingjames

obeydahlia: @meer36 he doesnt fucking own it. Hop off Lebrons dick, he's spreading the love for basketball. Dumb mothafucka

laysaa0: Be real to the people who said Kobe put it up first, at least he's still showing respect.. Dang!

venus_flyy_trap0407: The man aint say he took it yall. He just said its of the best pics taken in a long time. Cut the man some slack. Geez.

shaldizal: Fucc Kobe you on the king page bitches show some respect

I feel both set of fans are arguing blindly, because its so obvious that neither Lebron James nor Kobe Bryant were in the Philippines to take this amazing photo.. on that note, all the credits should be given to the photographer that captured such a moving scene.. definitely my picture of the year!

Our thoughts are with the Philippinos. 

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  1. does it reali matter who stole d pic from who.. those children just want to have fun in the midst of adversity #Epic