Friday, 29 November 2013

Former NBA Star Olumide Oyedeji Disgraced At The Nigerian Embassy

Captain of the Nigerian basketball team Olumide Oyedeji was disgraced by the Nigerian High commission in London. The 32 year old who according to his tweets is hosting a charity basketball clinic in the English capital to encourage children of African decent and take them away from gangs and knife culture, was refused entry at the Nigerian embassy to his dismay.

Olumide's cause is being supported by @bbcworld , the British Govt, the British community and the African community in diaspora BUT his own country told him to piss off and go to another country for support. Speaking to him at the gate was the special adviser to the high commissioner Adeniyi Gbadamosi: "go to another embassy 4 support, the Nigerian embassy will not support you even though you'r not asking for money".. Follow @olumideoyedeji1 on twitter to get more info on this sad story.

I must say, this is utter nonsense in every respect, Olumide is not a novice in his sport.. He was Team Nigeria's captain at the London Olympics, If we take Hakeem Olajuwon out of the equation, Olumide is Nigeria's greatest ever basketballer, he's played for over twenty clubs throughout his glorious career.. Olumide has paid his dues! So if this 6ft 10 larger than life noble individual is treated like shit in a place that he should call home, then what's the fate of the common Nigerians over there?... I'm Sorry for Nigeria.


  1. What a country!

  2. mumu u for put olajuwon for the equation.. ur own na sha too dey hype person