Friday, 8 November 2013

Lindsey Vonn ‘furious’ at Tiger Woods refusing to travel to Winter Olympics

Lindsey Vonn is an athlete that needs no introduction on this blog, more often than not, we'v stalked her and her super star athlete boyfriend Tiger Woods. The super couples are always spotted together during the course of any major/minor golf championships where the most visible golf WAG on the planet is always spotted cheer leading her better half (HERE) (HERE).

Lindsey Vonn who herself is the best ski diver in the world will be participating in next year's winter Olympics in Sochi and its been reported that Tiger Woods has no interest in returning the favour, cheerlead or what have we.

Vonn was asked by Access Hollywood if Woods would be cheering her on as she defends her Olympic downhill title in Sochi, and only managed a non-committal "we'll see", along with the explanation that "he doesn't like the cold".

Despite shrugging off the question at the time, subsequent reports have claimed that Vonn is livid with Woods at his reluctance to support her career in the same way that she's supported his.

“Lindsey is demanding to be considered an equal, but she thinks Tiger still sees her only as a pretty accessory and doesn’t take her skiing career seriously,” a source reportedly told the National Enquirer.

The story's source went on to describe what it claims were "very nasty" arguments about Woods not going to Sochi, adding:

“Lindsey told Tiger, ‘I supported you this season. Now, it’s your turn to support me in public. I’m not just your cheerleader — I’m a world class athlete too!’”

It's worth noting that Vonn talked to the far-more-reliable New York Times about her occasional frustration at becoming Tiger's other half: "Some people seem to forget that I'm not just Tiger's girlfriend," she said in June.

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