Thursday, 7 November 2013

Murray and Serena's Las Vegas showdown 'is on'

The Battle of the Sexes is On!! All roads lead to Las Vegas as British number 1 male tennis player Andy Murray and world number one female tennis player Serena Williams are ready to take centre stage in the world capital city of entertainment.

This match was discussed briefly during Wimbledon, when one of Serena's Twitter followers joked that she might beat Murray on grass. The Scot, a big admirer of Serena’s game, suggested he would be keen . However, Negotiations between their representatives are likely to take place over the next month and the two Grand Slam champions may discuss it in person, as they will be training near each other in Florida over the coming weeks.

A form of handicap would be needed to make it a realistic match-up, as Serena admitted last summer: ‘I doubt I’d win a point but that would be fun,’ and suggested that she should be allowed to hit into the tramlines to make it competitive (HERE) .

I am neither Sexist nor Chauvinist, but i strongly feel Andy Murray is going to win this exhibition even on Serena's terms. The scoreline might be a little bit embarrassing, but what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

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