Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rio Ferdinand Reveals How Sir Alex Ferguson's Wife Saved Him From Fergie's Wrath

Sir Alex Ferguson’s wife Cathy talked the United manager into letting Rio Ferdinand off a club fine for refusing to wear a Kick It Out campaign t-shirt.

Ferdinand reveals that Fergie was furious when, with the John Terry race row still raging, he was part of a high profile rebellion against football’s official anti-racist group who he believed had not given his brother Anton proper backing.

In an explosive autobiography - #2Sides - serialised in The Sun, Ferdinand reveals: ‘The Group had refused to come to the court so I was not willing to go through the charade of wearing their shirt, my parents would not have accepted it.'

‘When the manager found it he raged: “Who do you f***ing think you are? I have told everybody you would wear it.”

‘I said: “You didn’t ask me. I was never going to wear it, I didn’t tell you to go on TV and say I would.”

‘He said: “That’s it, you are fined a week’s wages.”

‘The next day I had to go and see him. He was sat down, I was standing. He said: “Look, I know it is your family but I just didn’t agree with you. You have got to support causes like this. I am a union man.”

‘Then he said: “I talked to my wife, and she said did you ask the boy? When I said I didn’t, she said: there’s your mistake then. I don’t often admit mistakes, but I am not going to fine you. I should have spoken to you, that is my mistake and I accept that. I still believe you should have worn it, but I respect that you didn’t.”

‘I was so impressed. My respect for him went up even more.’


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