Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bored Couple Caught Having Sex On The Pitch After Brondby’s 0-0 Draw Against Randers (Photo)

I cant count how many times I yawned while watching that yesterday's boring goaless match at Old Trafford, the only thing that kept me glued to the screen was because I had to keep you guyz posted. Yes the Elclasico of England was that boring! Now imagine how less entertaining a 0-0 snoregasm between Brondby and Randers in the Danish Superliga would have played out?

The match played on Sunday was so dull that one particularly bored couple decided they had no other option than to have sex in the middle of the pitch immediately after the final whistle in the desperate hope of livening up their night a bit.

Apparently, the exhibitionists snuck out onto the turf after the rest of the fans had left the stadium, whipped off their clothes and began copulating in the middle of the pitch in full view of Brondby’s press officer Mikkel Davidsen – who dutifully took the photo you see above and posted it straight onto Twitter before the club’s security officer interrupted the post-game show and threw the pair out of the stadium.


  1. Itunu u dey mad o.. na my own match boring abi

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