Friday, 6 September 2013

Ibrahimovic refers to Messi and Co. as..."SCHOOL BOYS"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known to be one of the most controversial players in world football, any club the Sweedish striker lays his legs on, he seems to leave his foot prints behind, both on and off the pitch. We all know how much the 31 year old detests Pep Guardiola, infact he just described the former Barca boss as a "spineless coward" in his new autobiography.

Ibra in his autobiography;"I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic" described a rant he had in the dressing room after a 4-1 win at Villarreal - a game in which he was brought on for the last 5 minutes of the duration;

"I was seething inside, not because I was on the bench. I can deal with that, if the manager is man enough to say: 'You're not good enough, Zlatan. You haven't made the grade',"

He[Zlatan] further stated;

"Guardiola didn’t say a word,not a peep,and now I’d had enough. I could feel it in my whole body, and if I’d been Guardiola, I would’ve been scared.

"There was the metal box where we put our kit from the match, and I was staring at that box. Then I gave it a kick. I think it went flying about three metres, but I wasn’t finished yet. Not by a long chalk.

"I completely lost it, and you might have expected Guardiola to say a few words in response, but he’s a spineless coward. He just picked up the metal box, like a little caretaker."

The Sweeden international didn't stop there, he went on to throw sticks at his colleagues and fellow stars, describing them as school kids due to the lack of charisma among the ranks.

Zlatan continued;

"I’d already got the impression that Barcelona was a little like being back at Ajax,like being back at school,"

"None of the lads acted like superstars,which was strange. (Lionel) Messi, Xavi, (Andres) Iniesta, the whole gang - they were like schoolboys. The best footballers in the world stood there with their heads bowed, and I didn’t understand any of it. It was ridiculous."

"Everyone did as they were told. I didn’t fit in,not at all. I thought, just enjoy the opportunity,don’t confirm their prejudices. So I started to adapt and blend in. I became way too nice. It was mental.

"I said what I thought people wanted me to say. It was completely messed up. I drove the club’s Audi and stood there and nodded my head. I hardly even yelled at my team-mates any more. I was boring. Zlatan was no longer Zlatan."

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