Friday, 6 September 2013

Registration Documents Show Real Madrid Could Have Signed Neymar For Just €60,000 In 2006

Spanish newspaper AS have uncovered a document that shows that a 14-year-old Neymar was actually registered with Real Madrid for a short period following a successful trial back at their Castilla academy back in March of 2006 and that the club passed up on signing him to a full contract as they deemed the €60,000 asking price too dear…

The story goes that Neymar had impressed all of Real Madrid’s scouts during his trial and technical secretary Ramon Martinez was pushing hard for the young Brazilian to be signed up, with all the necessary documentation to facilitate the move being completed.

However, the acquisition was waived by CEO Carlos Martinez de Albornoz, who wasn’t prepared to take responsibility for the decision to pay €60,000 for a 14-year-old boy and therefore refused to sign off the papers.

This of course being the same young man that Real Madrid have since spent the last two seasons desperately trying to sign for around 1,000x that amount before eventually watching on forlornly as he signed up with rivals Barcelona this summer.

There's a very thick line between foresight and hindsight!!!


  1. Very very very thick line my brother, the line isnt fine atall

  2. Well o well.. wat can i say, we dont like signing players on the cheap. Assuming his fee was abt 6 million then, trust me we would have signed him up.. but 60k is a NO NO