Friday, 25 October 2013

Diego Costa's Split Nationality Disorder: Reasons he should play for Spain.

Diego Costa is the hottest player in Europe right now
If there is one player right now who is supremely on fire in Europe, its non other than Atletico Madrid's burly striker, Diego Costa. The Brazilian (also Spanish) has made the Rojiblancos faithful forget the painful departure of goal machine Radamel Falcao with consistent scoring and a bullish attitude to boot. He has so far scored 10 La Liga goals and 2 in the Ucl, a rather a decent goal tally. While he may be temperamental, there is no doubting his obvious talent and surprise surprise clubs are already circling around the Vicente Calderon, looking to grab the hottest striker in Europe. For Costa however that will be the least of his problems as he just signed a new deal that will tie him to the club till 2018. The biggest issue on his mind is the tug of war between Brazil and Spain, both of whom Costa can represent. For me its easy. He should pick Spain.

While Costa has in fact played for Brazil in two friendlies against Italy and Russia, those were friendlies hence his eligibility to play for Spain. He recently gained Spanish citizenship, after his arrival in 2006. Costa was rightfully disgusted that Brazil coach Filipe Scolari overlooked him for the Confederations Cup in June. I agree with him. If Scolari and Brazil really reckoned with him, they should have selected Costa after several impressive displays for Atletico Madrid in the past season. I mean what else did he have to do to prove himself, score a 100 goals or what? Jo made that team for Heaven's sake!!! Jo!!!

Costa will be looking to switch allegiance after representing Brazil 
Only recently has Scolari decided that Costa is Brazil material afterall. The only reason Big Phil wants him is to deprive Spain of a top quality stiker and really just avoid repeated questions why he continues to overlook him. Plus his goal scoring exploits can't be overlooked. Vicente Del Bosque has all along clamoured for Costa to play for Spain immediately after he gained citizenship and he has made repeated contact to persuade him to change allegiance. Spain can do with a striker like Costa with so many of their strikers inconsistent or simply not top class. Also Costa seems more at home in Spain and has claimed he feels more Spanish than Brazilian.

There is another side to the story. Many feel that the current situation may bring us back to the old days where players represented multiple countries. Alfredo Di Stefano represented both Spain and Argentina back in the day(Really funny in retrospect). I beg to differ. Costa may have played for Brazil but it was just two friendlies with nothing really at stake. Those matches should not decide the country he wants to represent, with the possibility of him being tied down to Brazil without ever representing them in competitive fixtures. He is Spanish as he is also Brazilian. He has a right to choose between them.

We can only hope Costa puts Scolari to shame
Costa now needs to be decisive with his choice. Felipe Scolari stated on Wednesday he now wants Costa in his squad and will leave the Atleti striker to make up his mind on the matter. Rather too late in my opinion. If he had faith in him, he should have been playing for the Samba boys since forever. Even if he plays for them, there is no telling if Scolari will keep an open mind and give him regular playing time. Spain is the ideal and realistic choice with a coach that wanted him from the get- go. He is tailored made to play for the La Furia Roja and will make them much more deadly. Its a decision only Costa can make. I hope he makes the right one.

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  1. Oga Spain have enough strikers that can see them tru, Negredo, Villa, Soldado, Torres, Michu.. what else dyu want?

  2. Btw Jo was very fantastic at the Confed cup, and Scolari has always stood by Costa, the fact that he dint take him to the world cup pre party doesnt mean he wont take him to the party itself...

  3. Costa must never be allowed on Brazilian soil, if he chooses Spain.. #Kpakam