Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Meet The Most Passionate Football Fan Ever

Andrew Canavan  1864179a A blind Newcastle fan has the Toon badge customised onto his glass eye [Video & Pictures]

Can you people see what i'm seeing? The Daily Mail just published an incredible story about a blind Newcastle fan and his special, customized glass eye.

Passionate 35-year-old Newcastle fan Andrew Canavan had his right eye removed 20 years ago when a detached retina caused bleeding from his pupil which turned his eye red.

Since then the Magpie fan has been living with a glass eye, however he recently pimped his fake pupil by have the Toon badge etched onto his glass eye.

Mr. Canavan told the Daily Mail:

'I have always been a Newcastle United fan. Where I come from, you don’t choose what club you support, you are born into it. My dad was a Newcastle fan, and my granddad. This is the ultimate tribute to Newcastle United.'

'To start with [Newcastle United] thought I was taking the mick, but when they realised how sincere I was they said they were happy for me to go ahead… I couldn’t be happier with my glass eye. '

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